Sketch of Honeymoon Lake, Jasper, Sketch of Honeymoon Lake, Jasper, Julie Drew
20 Jun

4 Drawing Classes

Sept 11-Oct 2, 2017


7 - 9 pm

$90.00 +GST

Location: 6724 - 86 St, Edmonton


Do you need to brush up on your drawing skills? We will work on perspective, proportion, composition and lighting. This class will mainly focus on the drawing needed as preparation for paintings. The other aspects of drawing will also come up. There will be homework for inbetween classes.

  • week one: buildings, perspective
  • week two: landscape perspective
  • week three: animal - perspective and proportion
  • week four: compostion and lighting


Supply list:

9x12 sketchbook

2H + 6B pencil


clear ruler


photos: picture for each week's subject  that you want to paint

  • week one  a building (s) (i.e. lighthouse, cottage, castle, barn etc.) 
  • weeks two - landscape;
  • week three:animals;
  • week four - your choice


count me in



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  • Kyle Hello i have a question i like what your teaching from what i seen on your page.but i have a question i want to learn to draw a comic book for my little boy and what i mean by that is i want to learn to draw people and movement, muscle tone and facial features etc. Just wondering if that is something you teach. Look forward to hearing from you Tuesday, 12 September 2017 20:36 posted by Kyle

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