Papermaking workshop March 3, 2018 Papermaking workshop March 3, 2018 Julie Drew
01 Feb

Saturday, October 27     10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

$100 Fee includes all supplies!

Location: Artelier

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In this class you will have the opportunity to make a variety of papers from natural and recycled fibres. We will begin by making 6 to 8 different paper pulps such as cattail, thistle, poplar fluff, blue jeans and more, out of seeds, cotton fabric, and recycled acid-free paper. You will then create papers from each of the pulp vats, using the templates provided. You will take home 10 to 15+ unique pieces of paper.  All the pressed leaves, paper and natural fibers are provided. If you want, you can bring some of your own inclusions like pressed leaves or flowers to add to your pulp.

You may wish to bring suitable art clothes, notebook, snack & drink.

Images below are from the Papermaking Workshop on Nov 12, 2016.

recycled paper papermaking workshop pressed leaves papermaking workshop2 fabric natural fiabers for papermaking workshop havingfun at papermaking workshop blue handmadepaper natural fiber handmadepaper wtih petals making handmadepaper making pulp papermaking workshop red handmade pape with infusionsr pouringpaperpulp handmade paper withleaves blending pulp papermaking workshop handmadepaper withblackjeansandrecycledpaper thistle cattail handmade paper lightblue handmadepaper

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