Plein Air Expeditions near Edmonton

Plein Air session, near Mcnally Highschool Plein Air session, near Mcnally Highschool Julie Drew
04 Aug

Do you like to draw or paint scenery, buildings, landscapes? These excursions will:

   •  Increase your ability to detect the nuances of light, shadow, colors and depth.
   •  Learn how to paint or draw quickly to capture the essence of what you are seeing.
   •  Be inspired by the work of other students as we paint together at 2 meters apart.
   •  Explore Edmonton and surrounding parks in new ways.

 pleinairsession ChickakooLake

We are meeting up once a week at different locations in and around the surrounding countyside near Edmonton. The dates for the next 2 weeks are set based on the weather forecast. 

Tuesday, Aug 25 Mill Creek Ravine. 10 am Meet at my house. (sign up for details)
Thursday, Sept  3 - 10 am

Sign up to receive the email notification of date, time and place for that week. RSVP your spot for the date. $20 each, for each session. You can bring the cash to the meeting place.

count me in

Each session will include:

  • 10-15 min walking in to the locations
  • At least one 5 min sketch to warm up, and practice looking for the essence of what we are painting. These will mostly be in pencil.
  • 15 min color sketch with pencils or watercolor
  • 1+ hour watercolor or watercolor pencil painting

Watercolor Plein Air Painting Kit. Travel light. pleinairsession McNally Rivervalley

  • Portable/closable small watercolor pallet (with a red, blue, green, yellow, and deep purple)
  • At least one small round brush, and one ½ in. flat brush
  • Watercolor sketchbook
  • 2H Pencil (and an 8B if you have one with a smugder/stomp)
  • Eraser
  • Lid (to put water in)
  • Small flask of water
  • Masking pen/ masking fluid with lid and toothpick and or q-tip
  • Small piece of natural sponge
  • A little bag or container of salt
  • Rag
  • Camera
  • Something to sit on (portable chair or blanket)
  • (hat, sunscreen, bug repellent, snack, hand sanitizer, mask, water bottle)


    • Waterproof pen
    • Watercolor pencils.

Possible locations :pleinairsession McNally Rivervalley3

  • Flowers in Cloverdale (July 10)
  • Chickakoo Lake (July 17)
  • Overlooking the river valley where McNally High school sits above the blue Dawson bridge. (July 20)
  • Telford Lake (Leduc) (7/28)
  • Old Barn -Canola field ((8/6)
  • Hay bales in fields (8/11)
  • Stone Barn Garden (Leduc) (8/17)
  • Millcreek Ravine (Tuesday, 8/25, 10 am)
  • Cooking Lake /Blackfoot Prov rec Areapleinairsession McNally Rivervalley2
    • Waskahegan Staging Area
    • Islet Lake
  • Strathearn – overlooking 98 Ave hill looking downtown.
  • Terwillegar Footbridge over the North Sask. River
  • Sherwood Park Natural Area
  • Elk Island 
  • South Cooking Lake Park
  • North Cooking Lake Natural Area

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