6 Tricks for Painting Waterfalls in Watercolor

Veliki Slap, "Big Waterfall," 14 x 11 in, watercolor Veliki Slap, "Big Waterfall," 14 x 11 in, watercolor Artist Julie Drew
05 Sep

Waterfall Workshop
Sept 12, 10 am – 4 pm

$80 +GST+ pdfSupply List 

Location at Artelier Studios,10032 81 Avenue
Registration taken at the Paintspot.ca

• Gain confidence in painting the cascading of water.
• Learn 6 effective tricks that will enhance your watercolor paintings.
• Discover different ways to interpret the same waterfall scene
• Increase your ability for taking the next step with your painting as you work from your photo references.167lvng wtr1000w

You will work through the trick exercises in the morning using your photo reference or one the teacher supplies. In the afternoon, you will continue by putting the tricks together in a final painting.

6 Tricks for creating the sense of falling water:

1. Using a mist spray to create a misty falls
2. Using Masking fluid for water droplets and
    a. for waves a water with toothpick and Kleenex
    b. to layer the color.
3. Shades of blues to grays to capture the subtleties of water
4. Negative painting rocks under the water
5. Salt to create texture in water and rocks
6. “Pushing, pulling and lifting” to create the sense of depth

 count me in! I want to be there

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