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19 Jan

Why take a class? A class gives you the space in your schedule to paint. Do you need the structure to create the habit of painting time? Classes also provide feedback on your work, help with techniques and steps in your painting. A class can also inspire your own work to new directions through the interaction with other students. I will be teaching online until the classrooms are open again.


Thursday Morning Online Watercolour class 9:30-11:30 am will start on March 18, 2021 and run for 6 weeks.

It includes ‘coaching’ on your own paintings and demos of techniques. In community we share paintings and encourage each other. All the classes are recorded for viewing later if the live session does not work for you.

Comments from the last class:

"I love the student portal!"

"I am learning so much."

"Thank you for your wonderful teaching!"

For each class, I will send you a zoom link.

Before each class, I will have you send me an image of what you would like to work on and send a picture of your painting to that point. (Take a picture with your camera or phone download it to your computer to send in am email. Let me know if you have trouble with this. and we will look into alternatives.)  

During the class time I will go through the images that were sent in and answer questions you and the other students have. The “class time” will be recorded so that even if you have to miss it, if you sent in your images and questions, I will cover them during the “class time.” The class time sessions will be split between answering questions, helping with paintings and showing some demonstrations.

There will be an assignment for each of you based on the photo reference you want to work on.  As not everyone is an independent worker, there will also be a video available each week for you to learn from if you choose to and want more direction. 

Registration   Watercolor Supply list

 Hay Bales

Classes Starting at the City Arts in Edmonton - all online. Both of these classses will have live online workshop sessions  with demos and Q&A's. Starting March 8, 2021 for four weeks.


Beginner Acrylics - Monday morning, 10 am- 1 pm, Course#687276 Link to MoveLearnPlay.edmonton.ca  (registration open)

Get into the basics using simple subjects to explore the painting process. We will cover brushwork, color mixing and theory, simple perspective, and still life exercises.

Watercolour Florals Monday afernoon, 1:30-4:30 pm, Course#687278 Link to MoveLearnPlayedmonton.ca  (registration open)

Think Spring and sunshine and warmth! We will work on capturing the translucence of petals and shapes of flowers, we will also work on the leaves and backgrounds keeping the focus of the paintings on the flowers.


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