Art Classes with Julie Drew through City Arts Art Classes with Julie Drew through City Arts
30 Apr

Acrylics 1 & 2 on Tuesday afternoons      Registration  course #687766 

May 18 - June 8th
1-4 pm 
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Acrylic Landscapes class: We will create landscapes with techniques using palate knives, brushwork and fluid acrylics. We will have fun creating landscapes from our imagination as well as using a photo reference for starting ideas. 1 image 

acrylic landscapes JulieDrew

Drawing and Painting with Mixed Media on Thursday evenings   Registration 

course #687765

May 20 - June 1
6:30 - 9:30 pm

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spring greening landsacpe mixedmedia JulieDrew 

Spring ‘Greening’ Landscapes in Mixed Media
Painting the “greening” spring landscape with mixed media: watercolor, color pencil and ink. We will lay in some watercolor background techniques and use color pencils and ink for the details of landscape. 

Watercolours 1 & 2 on Monday afternoons  Registration  course #687764

May 31 - June 21
1-4 pm

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Simple Watercolour Landscapes: We will take the techniques of watercolour and turn them into a landscape. We will play around with some different landscapes, putting the same techniques to practice. 


simple watercolor landscapes JulieDrew

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