A Dragonfly visited my booth on Sunday A Dragonfly visited my booth on Sunday Julie Drew
21 Jun

The Art Walk went well. It is so fun to share and talk about my artwork with everyone who comes by. I worked on a painting of Tangle Falls that I had started as a demo. 6 paintings are now adorning new homes.

Here is the Tangle Falls I was working on:

Tangle Falls in the works

Another surprise was the visitor I had during the last day of the Whyte Avenue Art Walk. At 11 am, I was talking with someone, and they commented on the realistic dragonfly on one of my paintings. Surprised, I looked and there sat a dragonfly taking a rest. It stayed there resting in a camouflaged way all day until we packed the art away at 5 pm.

Do you know the title of the painting it rested on all day? Season of Rest. (It still makes me laugh!)

Dragonfly1dragonfly seasonofrest

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