Do you like to draw or paint scenery, buildings, landscapes? These excursions will:

   •  Increase your ability to detect the nuances of light, shadow, colors and depth.
   •  Learn how to paint or draw quickly to capture the essence of what you are seeing.
   •  Be inspired by the work of other students as we paint together at 2 meters apart.
   •  Explore Edmonton and surrounding parks in new ways.

 pleinairsession ChickakooLake

We are meeting up once a week at different locations in and around the surrounding countyside near Edmonton. The dates for the next 2 weeks are set based on the weather forecast. 

Tuesday, Aug 25 Mill Creek Ravine. 10 am Meet at my house. (sign up for details)
Thursday, Sept  3 - 10 am

Sign up to receive the email notification of date, time and place for that week. RSVP your spot for the date. $20 each, for each session. You can bring the cash to the meeting place.

count me in

Each session will include:

  • 10-15 min walking in to the locations
  • At least one 5 min sketch to warm up, and practice looking for the essence of what we are painting. These will mostly be in pencil.
  • 15 min color sketch with pencils or watercolor
  • 1+ hour watercolor or watercolor pencil painting

Watercolor Plein Air Painting Kit. Travel light. pleinairsession McNally Rivervalley

  • Portable/closable small watercolor pallet (with a red, blue, green, yellow, and deep purple)
  • At least one small round brush, and one ½ in. flat brush
  • Watercolor sketchbook
  • 2H Pencil (and an 8B if you have one with a smugder/stomp)
  • Eraser
  • Lid (to put water in)
  • Small flask of water
  • Masking pen/ masking fluid with lid and toothpick and or q-tip
  • Small piece of natural sponge
  • A little bag or container of salt
  • Rag
  • Camera
  • Something to sit on (portable chair or blanket)
  • (hat, sunscreen, bug repellent, snack, hand sanitizer, mask, water bottle)


    • Waterproof pen
    • Watercolor pencils.

Possible locations :pleinairsession McNally Rivervalley3

  • Flowers in Cloverdale (July 10)
  • Chickakoo Lake (July 17)
  • Overlooking the river valley where McNally High school sits above the blue Dawson bridge. (July 20)
  • Telford Lake (Leduc) (7/28)
  • Old Barn -Canola field ((8/6)
  • Hay bales in fields (8/11)
  • Stone Barn Garden (Leduc) (8/17)
  • Millcreek Ravine (Tuesday, 8/25, 10 am)
  • Cooking Lake /Blackfoot Prov rec Areapleinairsession McNally Rivervalley2
    • Waskahegan Staging Area
    • Islet Lake
  • Strathearn – overlooking 98 Ave hill looking downtown.
  • Terwillegar Footbridge over the North Sask. River
  • Sherwood Park Natural Area
  • Elk Island 
  • South Cooking Lake Park
  • North Cooking Lake Natural Area

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