Water in the Landscape- 4 Day Retreat

Splash!, watercolor, 11x14 in Splash!, watercolor, 11x14 in Julie Drew
30 Apr

Water in the Landscape

Painting the Nature of Water: waterfalls, tumbling water, waves crashing into rocks.

July 22-25, 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

Location: Paint spot: Artelier is located at 10045 81 Avenue NW, Edmonton (back alley entrance). The workshop space is one block south of The Paint Spot.count me in

$395 ($315 + $80 Supply fee)

Registration through the Paint Spot

Water is amazing as it moves, flows, reflects and tumbles down a mountain or hill. It is translucent and picks up color around it. It changes as it moves. I never get tired of painting water.

Learn how to paint the nature of water as it falls and tumbles and crashes over or into rocks. We will look at how it reflects or picks up colors around it. We will look at the flow and how it changes the way we paint it. Included will be filling in the landscape around the water.

In this Four-day workshop, each morning, we will work on studies with an aspect of painting the movement of water. In the afternoon, we will apply what we learned to a full landscape working on your own projects.

We will cover: 

  • The use of masking in the waterfall, and water movement
  •  Painting the rocks under the surface of the water
  •  Capture the luminescence of a wave that is crashing
  •  Painting the reflected lights and color on the water surface

I will be teaching with demos in the morning and coaching you on your projects in the afternoon. You are welcome to follow along with the demos or work from your own reference photos.

Techniques in watercolor we will touch on:              

  • Planning a painting
  • masking
  • layering
  • color mixing the shades in water
  • sponging
  • spritzing water
  • scraping
  • cling wrap
  • wet into wet
  • wet on dry
  • pushing and pulling

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  • Judy Weir If I register for a course but discover a few weeks before the start of the course I cannot participate, is there a cancellation fee and/or refund?

    Here is the cancelation policy https://paintspot.ca/artelier-cancelation-policy/
    Tuesday, 30 April 2024 19:09 posted by Judy Weir

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