Ghost River 2,  Watercolor Ghost River 2, Watercolor
02 Apr

ghost river 1A friend saw the reproduction of the painting (on the left) I had done of King’s Fold on the Ghost River. She and her husband had gone there while they were dating. Of all the paintings of the Taste of Europe show and my portfolio, this little one on the brochure caught her eye and engaged her heart. She had a frame at home would that maybe work to go with it?
She commissioned me to paint the same view at King’s Fold but with colors to match the green frame and mat. What a fun challenge! It took a bit to find some photos in my collection of the various seasons I was at King’s Fold. They did not all have the same exact view, but I could work with it. She liked the bright green of spring and she liked the effect of salt.
I drew it out and then started by painting the sky. As I painted, the opening in the clouds showed up. I paint quickly and watercolor is not completely predictable. As that was the perfect cloud for the sun rays to come out of, it seemed right to add them. As I did, I thought of my friend and her marriage. It felt to me like a blessing from God on their marriage - a gift for them.
I finished the painting, and waited for my friend to see it. What would she think? I could see in her eyes the excitement for it. She loved it. She surprised her husband with it on his birthday.
What a privilege to be a part of! I get to do a painting that I know someone is going to love and enjoy. It is something that touches their heart before I even begin. I can pray for them as I paint and let God put in what needs to be there.

Do you have a favorite place that you would like painted?

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