God is My Refuge - Devotional and Study Guide

God Is My Refuge

"God Is My Refuge" is an inspiring book in so many ways!  Each time I pick it up God uses the words and artwork that Julie has put together in a new and different way.  The style that she has used to interweave personal and family experiences with Scripture and with her paintings is remarkably refreshing! It draws me in to reflect upon how God is at work in my personal life and in the life of my family. I highly recommend "God Is My Refuge" to anyone who is looking for a resource that will encourage them and highlight the faithfulness of God! It is a beautiful book that I feel privileged to have in my library!
      Lilyane Bienert, B.R.E., B.ED

Safety and security are fundamental needs for all human beings, but where can we truly find them? The world points us in many directions—to jobs, to money, to position, to possessions, to power, to relationships, to family.

Jesus says “Come to me…” The God of the Bible calls us to find our home, our trust, our rest in Him.


It has been fascinating to discover more of what this meant to the ancient Hebrews and what it means in my own life. Using Concordances and Bible helps to dig into the word “refuge,” I discovered seven Hebrew words which are translated refuge or stronghold or something similar by our English Bibles. Six of these words refer to our relationship with God.


The first part of this devotional brings together paintings, scripture and meditations with these six Hebrew words.

This section is in two parts. The first ten devotions are revised from the original work. In Part two, I have added new devotions with insights collected after thinking about “God as my Refuge” for another ten years.


In the second section of this book you will find more scripture and a study guide with a selection of the Hebrew dictionary. This takes you through some of the exciting things I discovered along the way.

Enjoy the journey.

- Julie Drew


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