As it was so cold the night we saw the Aurora Borealis, and it was so cold in the couple weeks following, I felt it was appropriate to try the frost paintings again.

Frost pattern paintings are something I try every year when the temperature is low enough. I put a wet watercolor painting outside until it freezes. It works best with temperatures below -8C. It was in the range of -25C to -40C with the windchill.

Some of these paintings were painted outside in the cold. Some were painted insideb ut I put them outside while they were still wet. 

Some of the frost is the very subtle distortion you would see on a window. It moved the paint into smaller clumps creating a texture that would not normally be there. In outer plaes you can see the frosty wisps. There is one that turned out the most frosty wisps Frosty Northern Lights 1.  It was - 18C and that part of the painting was quite wet still. 

Read more of the adventure with the Aurora Borealis excusion.

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