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Norwegian Stabbur


I laughed when I first saw the grass and trees on the roofs of the old Norwegian buildings, and I was amazed that some had stood for over a 1000 years. This stabbur, storage building, was at the Numedal Folkehogskole in Rollag, Norway where I studied for a year. I chose to paint it in winter because of the rich complementary colors. The snow covers the grass roof, but the trees on it are still visible. There's a Norwegian folk story where a man thinks woman's work is easy, so his wife challenges him to do it for a day. He has a miserable day of mishaps, but the funniest is when he puts the cow on the roof to graze and ties a rope around the cow and through the chimney to himself – so the cow wouldn't fall off the roof. Of course, the wife comes home to find the cow dangling off the roof and her husband stuck in the chimney.


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