Exploring Acrylic with textures and transfers

Painting textures with egg shell and sawdust Painting textures with egg shell and sawdust From the Acrylics 1 and 2 class at City Arts
08 Nov

Part of the fun of teaching is watching the creativity start to flow. We have finished 5 out 8 classes. The students are getting comfortable with the medium and trying some ideas of their own.

In the acrylics class, we did some fun textures of adding eggshells, sand and sawdust to provide texture to the paintings. One of the students went home and added lentils and semolina to his painting. I didn’t get a picture of that one, but here are a few others:

Acrylic eggshellpainting student1 Acrylic eggshellpainting student2 Acrylic eggshellpainting student3

I brought some collage scraps of my handmade paper to the class and showed them possibilities with a couple of my own pieces.

handmadepaper samples for collage 

Their ideas started flowing and they started in on creating. Their works in progress were fun to see here.

acrylic collagestudent1 1a acrylic collagestudent2 2a

acrylic collagestudent3

We started the process of transfers. I brought an option of my own ink drawings photocopied for the class to use. I look forward to next class and the new possibilities the students will try. The flamingo and trio of rocks are my quick samples from my ink drawings. One student was ready with her image of a polar bear which turned out great.

acrylic transfer acrylic transfer student1

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  • Rhonda Gazzola I just completed a 8 week course of mixed media with Julie. I learned so much, Julie is an excellent instructor. Very hands on.
    Thank you!

    I am glad you enjoyed it, Rhonda! It was a pleasure to teach the class.
    Wednesday, 24 November 2021 06:12 posted by Rhonda Gazzola

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