Update on the painting of the North saskatchewan River West of downtown Edmonton. I decided to post the progression of the painting process and I will add more as I complete the painting.

nsr inprogress

in progress

in progress3

Watercolor painting in progress 4

Watercolor Painting of North Saskachewan river in progress

Watercolor Painting of North Saskachewan river in progress

I am Loved

I am Loved

I am loved
   even in my sin...I am loved.
Pour Your Spirit on me
   cleanse me, wash me
   wash away my sin,
       my selfishness,
       my pain,
       my self-righteousness,
       my pride,
            wash me clean,
            white as snow,
            make me whole,
                  to live,
                  to serve You,
                  to serve others.
I cannot contain this love.
Let it flow from me and touch others:
As You have forgiven me
    may I forgive others.
Let it flow like a river
    this love
    this pouring of Your Spirit into my spirit.
Let it flow like a river
   giving life where it goes
       to keep it for myself
       it would stagnate
            but to share it gives life.
I am loved.

Painting: Living Water

Isn't It?

Isn't It?

    we take it for granted,
    we turn on the tap,
    we let the water run,
    we can do what we want,
        it's ours
             isn't it?
What if...
    the snow didn't come?
    the spring rains failed to come?
    the river ran dry?
    we used up the aquifer?
What if...
    it didn't rain because we cut down the trees?
    the prairie became a dessert for lack of rainfall?
    fires burned up the forests because everything was so dry?
What if...
    we used up our water to irrigate water needy plants in hot, dry locations, where water quickly evaporates?
    we used it up to make endless amounts of things in factories from computers to make-up?
    we used it to push up the oil out of the oil sands, creating sledge that can kill birds?
It doesn't matter...
    it's ours
        isn't it?
Or is it?

Painting: Scarred Lands, Scarred hearts



flowing, living,
the essence of life;
we cannot live without it.
We are drawn to it:
the roaring of the surf,
the lapping at the edge of a lake,
cascading down the mountainside,
running and tripping down a river,
a trickling brook.
It delights our hearts,
overflowing us,
washing over us,
reaches down inside our souls,
renewing us.
God is
the living water,
the Spring of Life
in Him we have life.
Come, all who are thirsty
Come and drink.

- Julie

click here for more information on Alpine Meadow, oil panting.


Your choice of medium: watercolour, acrylic, oil, pastel

How to capture water in your painting, when it is always changing? Water is translucent, reflective, ever-moving, calm, turbulent, flowing. And water can be a puddle, an ocean, and any size in between. What wonderful challenges to the artist in any medium! Why not take a few days to study how to paint water? This is a great class for painters who like to do scenic paintings from photos or to paint outdoors and who need to practice ‘getting water right’.

Day 1. Create mini ponds for study, sketch what you see, and consider water’s nature

Day 2. Video study: flowing waters – brooks, streams, rivers; sketching observations, creating one small painting

Day 3. Video study: bodies of water, part 1 – lakes, seas, oceans; sketching observations, creating one small painting

Day 4: Video study: bodies of water, part 2 – lakes, seas, oceans; further observations, creating one small painting

Day 5: Video study: waterfalls – sketching observations, creating one small painting

Expect plenty of guidance from your instructor and a lot of skill training in this series!

Supplies: Participants receive a 20% discount at the Paint Spot on these supplies:

  • Sketchbook approximately 5x7” + 2H + 8B pencil + blending stomp
  • Bring art clothes, hand-/tea-towel, lunch/snack + drink

Watercolour painters, bring your paints, masking fluid + brushes, small watercolour pad/block or large sheet quartered

Acrylic + oil painters, bring your paints, brushes, mediums, + 4 small canvases, canvasboards, or a canvas pad

Pastelists, bring your pastels + pad of pastel paper or 4 small sheets of sanded pastel paper

Location: 10007 80 Ave Edmonton www.paintspot.ca (780) 432 0240