A Matter of Perspective

Letting Go, 11" x 15," watercolor, Waiting series Letting Go, 11" x 15," watercolor, Waiting series
27 Apr

“Crack! Thud!” …. Silence … murmuring voices… “Julie!”

It was late, I had been drifting off to sleep. I wondered what Reena (my 15 year old daughter) and Sam were doing working on the basement reno so late.

Sam was in the living room figuring out his new phone and ignored the noises – thinking it was Reena doing something.

It actually was Reena, but she wasn’t working on the reno. She had opened the freezer to get something and was almost hit by the ice falling off the lid.

Talia (our other daughter) slept through it all.

Any guesses?

On Saturday morning, Sam was scraping the popcorn stuff off the ceiling of the basement where we are renovating. He moved the freezer out of the way to do it. We took Reena to her dance class and left from there for Calgary to see our granddaughter for a 24-hour visit.

Monday and Tuesdays were normal busy days. No one worked on the basement. No one needed anything from the freezer.

Late Tuesday night (11:30 pm or so) Reena opened the large chest freezer, came to get her dad – and then Sam called my name. As I came downstairs, after dragging myself awake, I was greeted with, “I broke the freezer.” Something had happened when Sam moved it on Saturday, and it had been off for over 3 days.

My first thought was of how much food was in it, particularly the whole lamb I had recently purchased from the farmer’s market. In the past when confronted with this sort of dilemma, I would panic or accuse, or any number of reactions.

Instead of reacting, I chose to live in the moment and be present to the now, not the what if or what was. I felt calm as I checked out the situation in the freezer. Surprisingly most of it was still quite frozen. (I do keep a lot of turkey broth like ice whiich must have helped.) I then went to assess the freezer upstairs to see what room we might have up there to rescue what was still frozen in the chest freezer. Especially if it was truly broken, as it was midnight and we couldn’t go buy a new one.

While I started moving and shifting the food, Sam looked at the problem of the pulled out wires to see if he could figure it out.

It was not what I wanted to do. It was not what Sam wanted to do, but it was here before us and needed to be done.

By the time I had made room and moved all the (still mostly solid) frozen meat and some not so frozen fruit upstairs, (If stacked neatly it is amazing how much you can get into the little freezer above the fridge.) Sam had used a blower to clean out the dust, and discovered a wire had been dislodged but not broken. He had located a possible place for it to go back in, which was, of course, difficult to get to. We managed to do it between the two of us – and plugged the freezer in and IT ACTUALLY RUMBLED BACK ON! Weren’t we surprised!

Okay. Now what. The thought came to me that those big ice chunks that were now loose could be taken out – an opportunity to clean out the years of built up ice or we could just leave it and I could go back to bed. I opened the freezer – and decided to act on the thought. So we worked together and got it done, and moved back downstairs a portion of the food I had taken upstairs. By the time we were done the whole little midnight adventure had only taken about an hour or so, and I felt a deep satisfaction and thankfulness.

And we thanked God: for Reena paying attention to what she was feeling as she went into the freezer and acting on it, for a good solid freezer that can keep food so cold for 4 days, that it now worked again, and that we were able to be present to the situation and do what needed to be done.

We were talking earlier that evening at our home group about what it looks like to walk everyday with Jesus. We talked about the need to listen to the nudging’s of the Holy Spirit, to live in the present moment as we work out our calling in some of the most ordinary, mundane parts of life.

It could have been a very different experience if we had reacted differently.

Is it all just a matter of perspective? Any thoughts?


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  • Erika Ewen I think your practical experience is God's way of telling us to live in the presence and have faith that He is there to guide and protect us. The story also illustrates that one should listen to one's intuitions. Finally, God is always there waiting to talk or listen to us, but we don't usually do this. This is due to various reasons:
    We aren't interested in talking or listening to God, especially if we don't believe in God; we may believe in God, but are too busy in our secular world to take time to live for the moment and talk to or listen to God; We want quick fix answers and immediate proof that God has listened to us when we talk to Him, although there are reasons beyond our understanding as to why God doesn't automatically grant us our wish; We have no time, real interest, consistent motivation or real long-time, interest to spend an hour or more a day or more consistently every day to
    learn and practice these skills which we have to believe in with out having factually proof that this exists and the ability to have blind Fath. We also may never knowc if or how our our wish is granted,NL. One needs the ability to let go and have blind faith in God instead of console or unconsciously fighting With God to have control over our presence and Future. One needs to learn to follow one's intuitions as it is one way that God talks to us l. We need to be disciplined and determine enough to to take time to work on working on acquiring these skills, find ways to overcome our frustrations and realize that learning these skills Is a lifelong practice. We have to learn to use our sills to help and not harm other. First of all, we need to learn to apply these skills to help ourselves and to not think we are failures dl and more negatively think we are God or an embodiment of many God's,

    So true! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. - Julie
    Sunday, 08 May 2016 10:48 posted by Erika Ewen
  • Teresa What I love is when God does a bait and switch, ie a situation. is negative to positive. I had one yesterday. Someone was not helpful, but the next person was, result, much better than Plan A! Teresa....Yes, I agree! That is much better. Friday, 29 April 2016 10:11 posted by Teresa
  • Nancy Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. Be. This was on my clients; fridge today. It fits in with what you went through, as well.
    I am trying to focus on this more each day. It makes a world of difference when we act instead of reacting!
    Nancy Chisholm

    Yes that is what I mean, Nancy! -Learning to "Be" and sometimes it really does mean take a big breath to let out the tension. - Julie
    Thursday, 28 April 2016 18:28 posted by Nancy

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